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Corrosion is a problem, which can be dealt with through structural health monitoring. It can weaken the structural integrity of a material, making it more prone to failure and degredation. When a material corrodes, it means that it is undergoing a chemical reaction with its environment that results in the deterioration of its properties. This can happen when a material is exposed to water, oxygen, or other substances that can react with it.

Corrosion in structures can be a problem because it can lead to the failure of critical structures including bridges, buildings, and more. By monitoring for signs, engineers can identify and address the problem before it leads to a catastrophic failure.

corrosion concrete corrosion ladder

One way corrosion is monitored in structural health monitoring is through the use of sensors that are designed to corrode at the same rate as the sorrounding material or sensors which can detect the conditions necessary for corrosion. These sensors can be placed in strategic locations on a structure to monitor for the presence of corrosive substances, such as water or oxygen, and can alert engineers to the need for maintenance or repair.

By detecting and addressing corrosion, engineers can help ensure the safety and reliability of the structures they are responsible for maintaining.

Sensors used to detect corrosion include:

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