Flexible solutions for all needs

senmos monitorering cloud platform
Cloud platform
Perfect for those with existing sensors and data storage. Directly send your data to Senmos for seamless integration.

Data collection and cloud platform

Let us handle your data storage and collection. Access all your data via the Senmos cloud platform effortlessly.
Complete structural health monitoring
We design your monitoring system, set up sensors, manage data storage, and collection. Access everything through Senmos for complete peace of mind.

senmos monitorering cloud platform

Effortlessly Archive and Access Your Structural Data

With Senmos, your sensor data is securely archived and easily accessible. Visualize data over any time period, from milliseconds to a decade. Compare multiple sensors and detect critical events instantly. Our advanced data warehouse handles everything, offering storage from megabytes to terabytes, ensuring you access your data in seconds.

Bring Your Data to Life with Dynamic Visualizations

Instantly visualize live values and alarms on illustrations and images, providing you quick insights into your structure’s health. Our platform, Senmos, allows you to combine graphs with text and images for a deeper understanding. Create custom dashboards that highlight key data points and narratives, making complex information easy to grasp and act upon.

senmos monitorering cloud platform

senmos monitorering cloud platform

Get ease of mind with instant alarms

Senmos ensures you never miss a critical event with instant alarms for all sensors. When thresholds are breached, you’ll receive detailed alerts with the location, name, and value. Dive deeper by logging into Senmos to investigate. Our intuitive graphs highlight thresholds, making it easy to see where your sensor values should be and when they exceed limits.

Unlock Valuable Insights with Advanced Data Analysis

Senmos offers advanced data analysis tools to calculate fatigue, visualize vibrations, and perform correlation analyses. Our platform integrates expertise from structural engineering, electrical engineering, and computer science to deliver comprehensive structural health monitoring solutions. Continuously updated with relevant tools, Senmos ensures you gain deeper insights and maximum value from your data.

senmos monitorering cloud platform

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