Temperature sensor

Sandra Myrtue

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Temperature sensors can be used as part of a structural health monitoring system in a variety of different cases. Some specific examples include:

  • Monitoring around other sensors to compensate for temperature in data treatment.
  • Detecting temperature changes that could indicate the presence of a water in concrete or other materials.
  • Monitoring the temperature of critical components, such as bearings or joints, to detect problems that could lead to failure.
  • Monitoring the temperature in road surfaces to know when to salt and understand the stiffness of the road to estimate fatigue in bridges.
  • Measuring temperature changes causing the expansion and contraction of a structure due to changes in temperature.
  • Monitoring the temperature of structures to mitigate temperature variations in structural data.
  • Monitor difference in temperature across the cross section of a structure to understand if they can lead to stress and cracks.

Overall, temperature sensors can be a useful tool in structural health monitoring because they can provide valuable information about the temperature of a structure and help engineers identify potential problems before they become serious.

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