Sandra Myrtue

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Inclinometers in structural health monitoring

An inclinometer is a type of sensor that is used to measure the angle of inclination of a structure, or the degree to which it is tilted. It is commonly used in structural health monitoring to measure the movement or deformation of a structure, such as the bending or leaning of a bridge or the settling of a building foundation.

There are many different types of inclinometers that can be used in structural health monitoring, each with its own unique characteristics and capabilities. Some inclinometers are designed to be very sensitive and only measure very slow movements while others can measure dynamic movements with a lower precision.

Inclinometers are often used in structural health monitoring in combination with other types of sensors, such as accelerometers or strain gauges, to provide a more complete picture of the performance of a structure. By measuring the inclination of a structure along with other variables, engineers can get a better understanding of how it is responding to different types of loads and how it is likely to behave under different conditions.

Overall, inclinometers are an important tool in structural health monitoring because they can provide valuable information about the movement or deformation of a structure and help engineers identify potential problems before they become serious.

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