KI’s cloud platform Senmos collects all structural data in the cloud for easy access. Senmos provides user defined visualizations with insight into your construction, data analysis tools, and data archiving from Megabyte to Terabyte sizes. KI’s dataloggers or other existing data collection setups can send data directly to Senmos to provide value from structural health monitoring. Senmos is fully scalable, whether there are 2 or 20000 sensors they can be configured on Senmos to collect, analyse, and visualize data.

senmos structural health monitoring platform

Data archiving

All data from sensors is available on KI’s cloud platform Senmos. Data can be visualized on graphs from periods of 10 years down to milliseconds. Multiple sensors and sensor types can be plotted at the same time to compare values and look at events on your structure. All data is stored in a state-of-the-art data warehouse with the possibility of storing Megabytes up to Terabytes of data with access to data within seconds.


View live values and alarms on illustrations and images to give quick insight into your structure. Graphs can be combined with texts and images to further give understanding into the important data and connect the data with the structure. Shown data is only as valuable as the understanding it provides, that is why KI’s data platform Senmos provides the tools for creating user defined dashboards with illustrations, descriptions, and graphs, which can help explain the data and create value.

senmos structural health monitoring platform

senmos structural health monitoring platform


Senmos gives the possibility of sending alarms on E-mails for everybody subscribed to the sensor. When a threshold is exceeded the users will get the location, name, and value of the alarm and can login to Senmos to further investigate the event. In the data archive the alarm thresholds are shown as areas in the graphs to give the user an idea of where the sensor values are supposed to be and a clear view of when the thresholds are exceeded.

Data analysis

On the Senmos cloud platform are built in analysis modules for calculating fatigue, visualizing, and working with vibrations, conducting auto and cross correlation analyses, etc. At KI we collect knowledge from construction engineers, electrical engineers, and computer science to create full structural health monitoring solutions. Senmos is a dedicated platform for structural health monitoring and is continuously updated with tools relevant to construction monitoring to provide further insight and value.

senmos structural health monitoring platform


If you want to hear more about what we have to offer, contact our head of monitoring, Kasper Myrtue, or read our brochure.
senmos structural health monitoring platform

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